Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent counseling for teenagers is a fun, interactive, and helpful approach to helping youth.  Adolescents with depression and anxiety as wells as needing to cope with issues of parental divorce, failing grades, pregnancy, and low self-esteem can be helped by talking with a safe and trained adult.

The teen years are full of wonderful milestones and events. Youth are continually in the process of moving toward adulthood yet the tug-and-pull between being a kid and being an adult is tough.  When youth become out of control teens parents and caregivers find themselves quite helpless.  Can your teen be described by the following:

  • Skipping school?
  • Using alcohol or drugs?
  • Sneaking out of the house?
  • Refusing to follow the rules?
  • Hanging out with a ‘bad’ group of friends?
  • Failing classes at school?
  • Disrespecting adults?
  • Disobeying the law?
  • Stealing?
  • Bullying others?
  • Lying?
  • Argumentative?
  • Blaming others for their behavior?
  • Seeking revenge?
  • Easily losing their temper?
  • Disobeying?
  • Acting out sexually?

The majority of youth and parents will navigate these developmental processes in a series of ups-and-downs since it is unreasonable to think that any teen is perfect. Yet, what about parents who find themselves in a different situation? For some reason their young person is participating in activities that are unacceptable. This parent may wonder, ‘What happened? My teen was such a good kid?’ or they may think ‘My teen always was defiant as a child but never like this.’

Parenting this type of out-of-control teen is exceedingly difficult and may even be dangerous as this young person eventually becomes the height and weight of their parent.  Additionally, this young person may lack the ability to think through the consequences of their behaviors. They tend to do things that are reckless, impulsive, and without much forethought. These are the exact type of behaviors that can lead to serious troubles with school, the law, and their health.



Bedford Behavioral Health  provides a comprehensive eight-week educational program to help parents take control. Parents learn to successfully establish concrete rules and limits in their home. They can reestablish control. Parents have the ability to establish consequences for a young persons’ behavior and they have the ability to follow-through with their own rules.

These ideas may seem easy, yet any parent who has attempted to apply these type of rules and contracts to their own situation are well aware that they typically fail to work.  This program addresses these issues and begins where these failures ended. There are concrete, successful ways to parent hard-to-control teens. This program can help.  Call 734-807-0162 today.