Behavior Problems

Behavior Problems

Youth today deal with many unique challenges at home and in school. They experience pressure to succeed and conform in social, behavioral, and academic settings. It is not uncommon for them to struggle with peer relationships, conflicts at home, and academic skills. Behavior problems can be a sign that your child needs help.

Signs and Symptoms that could indicate a problem:

  • Declining grades
  • Withdrawal and/or depression
  • Fights
  • Conflict with teachers/coaches/authority figures
  • Discovery of drugs/alcohol
  • High risk drug/alcohol or sexual behavior with peers
  • Sudden change of friends
  • Poor friendship choices
  • Skipping school/truancy
  • Decline in performance in other school activities
  • Change in eating habits

 Tips you can use to immediately help:

Talk with your child and listen.

  1. Reach out to the school counselor and teacher.
  2. Spend time learning your child’s friends and parent.
  3. Get involved with homework help.


Sometimes kids just feel alone, confused and sad. It is not easy to put their emotions  into words. When children can not express feelings they tend to act out in several ways.  If you feel your child has a behavior or conduct problem do not wait to have them evaluated.  Trained behavioral counselors are able to help your child get back on track today.  Call Bedford Behavioral Health at 734-807-0162.