Children of Addicted Parents

Children of addicted parents is a counseling program to help and address problems children who have a parent addicted to alcohol or drugs may experience.

Children who have parents addicted to alcohol or drugs can face many hardships and struggles. Not only do they endure the ordinary ups-and-downs of development but they also face issues of family secrets, isolation, scapegoating, financial strain, and uncertainty regarding the health and wellbeing of the chemically dependent parent. Often times the child is isolated in their thoughts and beliefs about their chemically dependent family system. These kids don’t have people who they can talk with and their friends are rarely in the same situation.

  • Do you have a child or know a child with the following problems:
  • Have a parent(s) with an alcohol or drug problem?
  • Feel their parent(s) problems are their fault?
  • Isolate from family or friends?
  • Act irritable, grumpy, or aggressive around the individual who is abusing alcohol or drugs?
  • Remain  withdrawn and quiet around the individual who is abusing alcohol or drugs?
  • Appear overwhelmed due to the family environment?
  • Act ultra-responsible due to the irresponsible nature of the substance abusing parent(s)?
  • Seem to be faltering in school?
  • Lacks support and resources due to the parent(s) use?
  • Have few friends who they can talk to about their parent(s) use?


Young people need to know they are not alone, that their thoughts and beliefs are not ‘weird’ or ‘crazy’ and there are healthy ways to cope. Bedford Behavior Health utilizes a program developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to address feelings, thoughts, and behaviors surrounding parent’s use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. This program addresses the unique and individual needs of young people in elementary, middle, and high school. Additionally, parenting sessions can be provided.

  • Sessions topics include:
  • Uncovering feelings
  • Problem solving
  • Treatment and recovery
  • Safe people
  • Coping

If you know of a young person who is living in a substance abusing home, call Bedford Behavioral Health today: 734-807-0162.