Child Sexual Abuse Counseling

Child sexual abuse counseling to address issues of blame, responsibility, and safety.  A safe place to address current problems with sex and relationships.

Sexual abuse of a child can be a devastating and life changing event. Children are confused, misunderstand what has happened, may identify with their abuser, may act out in inappropriate ways, or may isolate and become withdrawn and depressed.

Additionally, parents and loved ones are devastated by this event.  It is not uncommon for families to experience extreme stress, difficulty coping, depression, and disbelief that this could happen to their child and family.

Have you noticed the following behaviors from your child?

  • Refuses to go to school or leave a parents side?
  • Sudden depression or verbalization of suicide or self-harm?
  • Acts out or aggressiveness with siblings or friends?
  • Secretiveness?
  • Sudden nightmares and/or poor sleep?
  • Participates in inappropriate sexual play?
  • Discusses a new adult friend?
  • Suddenly onset of  alcohol and/or drug use?
  • Sexually acts out in inappropriate ways?
  • Suddenly withdrawn and isolated?
  • Refuses to discuss a secret?
  • Has sore genitals?
  • Has unexplained new things?
  • Is scared for or about a specific family member?
  • Tells you they do not want to be with a specific adult?


Through assessment, evaluation, and comprehensive child sexual abuse counseling there is hope.

Counseling can help a young person cope with symptoms such as depression, decreased self-esteem, and negative thinking such as ‘It is my fault.’ It also can increase positive coping to handle the emotional and physical trauma, increase belief in self, and increase boundary awareness.

Bedford Behavioral Health utilizes a comprehensive treatment model.  This means that all aspects of the child and their caregivers’ lives are addressed.  Both individual and family counseling are provided as well as :

  •  Coordination of care with all medical professionals
  •  Coordination of care with legal system
  • Coordination of care with group  counselor or Children’s’ Advocacy Center
  • Parenting psychoeducation to cope with the shock and trauma of the situation.


Hope is available.  Call today and schedule your appointment for a comprehensive assessment with a skilled and trained counselor: 734-807-0162 or