Christian Counseling

Christian counseling addressing issues of faith, wholeness, and commitment to religious practices.  Also providing help with religiously abusive situations.


The professional counselors of Bedford Behavioral Health offer care and assistance in helping you through the process of knowing yourself better, discovering and understanding your personal spiritual beliefs, practices and experiences.  You can experience healing and growth.  This process allows individuals the opportunity to deal with issues such as guilt, fear, acceptance and the ability to change from the inside out, while in a safe and supportive environment.  You can experience positive change and life enhancement.

Spirituality is distinguished from any particular religion and is explored for the purpose of identifying aspects which provide a resource of strength, as well developing awareness of those aspects that may lead to prevention of further difficulties.  Christian counseling is available today to help foster and develop your faith. Contact Bedford Behavioral Health today to discuss how focusing on spiritual and/or religious aspects of ones life can can promote and foster enduring change.  For more information call 734-807-0162 or email