Couples Counseling

Couples counseling in Lambertville (48144).  Office near Temperance (48182), Michigan and Toledo (43612).

Couples counseling can improve poor communication, boring sex, and fighting.  Don’t wait.  Fix these problems today.  Problems in the relationship may lead to frustration.  Frustration may lead to resentment resulting in separation or divorce.  This does not have to happen to you and your partner.  We can help!

Relationships can be difficult. Couples counseling can help improve ways partners relate to each other.  It also helps teach couples how to break unhealthy patterns.  Licensed counselors at Bedford Behavioral Health are experts in helping couples fix unhealthy relationship patterns.  Call 734-807-0162 or email today for a free consultation:

Consider Couples Counseling If You or Your Partner:

  • Feel misunderstood in the relationship.
  • Have difficulty connecting or discussion sexual problem.
  • Find yourself having frequent regrets.
  • Feel bullied or pressured.
  • Feel you are helpless to change.

Couples counseling offers a chance to look at problems and may lead to a  healthier and happier life. Improving communication and protecting vulnerabilities are skills essential to this process.  Failures at intimacy often lead to feelings of rejection and resentment.  Resentment and rejection often lead to problems in communication, sex, finances, and long-term commitments.

You can improve your relationship with your partner now. Clinicians at Bedford Behavioral Health have expert knowledge and training in couples counseling.



How can couples counseling at Bedford Behavioral Health help you?

  • Improve intimacy and commitment
  • Express feelings and concerns
  • Develop a plan for re-engagement
  • Identify destructive patterns of relating
  • Improve conflict and communication skills
  • Examine the effect of change
  • Acknowledge abusive relationships and domestic violence
If you have found that your relationship is stuck or does not seem to be going in the direction you want, call today.  Counselors at Bedford Behavioral Health are trained in couples counseling and work with adults for a  happier, healthier, intimate relationship.
Call today: 734-807-0162.