Crisis Counseling

Crisis Counseling for Immediate Needs

When you or your loved one are in crisis, you may feel overwhelmed with grief or trauma.  You may feel you don’t know where to turn for help. Crisis counseling is available to help.  You may be experiencing symptoms of significant stress such as

  • increased lack of concentration
  • not sleeping well
  • increase in substance use
  • racing thoughts
  • forgetfulness
  • arguing and agitation

Our compassionate professionals can help put your experience in perspective and validate what you/your loved one(s) have seen, done, thought and felt.

Our counselors can help you deal with the stress and learn more about the importance of self-care.  Crisis counseling also  will also learn to recognize the difference in normal stress and when it becomes abnormal and destructive.  In a supportive environment, you will be encouraged to reflect on the experience, its’ impact on you, and what can be learned from the experience.

We can help you establish goals in developing a support system, identifying coping skills and determining next steps in moving forward with hope for the future.  For immediate needs contact 734-807-0162.  Counselors are available to help during non-work related hours as well as on weekends.

If you are in immediate danger contact the hospital or police.