Amber Lange

Amber Lange


Position: CEO

Qualification: Ph.D.

Phone: 734-807-0162


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About Me

Amber Lange provides counseling services at Bedford Behavioral Health. She has several years experience with individuals and groups in mental health. Amber is available for appointments today.  Call 734-807-0162 to make an appointment at Bedford Behavioral Health with Amber Lange.

Amber Lange, Ph.D.  is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and a National Certified Counselor.

She has been providing counseling services since 2005. Before her counseling career she was the creator and director of a drop-in, part-time, child care center. She has extensive training and experience in treating adults and youth.

Her expertise includes trauma, grief, and loss; chemical dependency; infidelity, and work/life balance. Her experience includes both community counseling and private practice work.

She is an active participant within her counseling association and is an advocate for the counseling profession. Additionally, she has been teaching in higher education since 2004 and currently teaches master’s level students the skills necessary for becoming a professional counselor.

Dr. Lange is a known speaker. She speaks on topics such as relationships, divorce, alcoholism, domestic violence, and addiction.

She has researched, published and utilized a therapy dog in counseling. She also is working with several school counselors utilizing a dog in the schools.

Hope is available. Call and schedule your appointment with Dr. Lange today.


Amber Lange

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I have extensive experience treating alcohol and drug problems.    I also help couples in relationship distress. Betrayal, infidelity, poor communication, constant fighting, boring sex, and lack of sex and intimacy are problems I am skilled to treat.   Clients who don’t know what to do about their relationships leave here with increased understanding and tools to fix their problems.  I help people learn the vulnerabilities that created the problems in the first place and how to protect these vulnerabilities as they move toward the future.

Clients who have problems in relationships with others commonly experience unwanted symptoms that bother their mental health. These include fear, anger, anxiety, despair, confusion, and a sense of helplessness in day-to-day functioning.    I am trained to help people get back on track and successfully cope with these issues.

I am Core faculty at Capella University.  I have been counseling for over 10 years and am the owner of Bedford Behavioral Health. Before counseling I was director of a part-time, child care center. I ride a sport motorcycle, I like to fish, and claim to be a home chef.